Wednesday, November 02, 2005


God knows how many times I've drawn this logo in my notebooks, between the covers of my books, or wherever there's white space. It's AEROFLOT, of course. USSR's national airline.

Back in Don Bosco, I played some sort of a war game with friends. They were the Americans and I was the leader of the Russian group. Like ridiculous high school boys, we even memorized what CCCP means in Russian (I wouldn't even attempt to write it down) and dug up date on the many Russian inventions that were considered way ahead of American technology. Well, there weren't much because after the Sputnik project, the US started their own space missions which were far advanced than that of Mother Russia.

Ah, the Cold War spirit! We were labeled the war freaks of DBA then. That was back in 1989.

Last year, I saw someone in NAIA wear a red shirt with this logo on it. I almost died. I would still die today if I were to see one again. Fuck, I guess i'm never growing up!

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