Thursday, December 09, 2004


"There is no man, however wise, who has not at some period of his youth said things, or lived in a way the consciousness of which is so unpleasant to him in later life that he would gladly, if he could, expunge it from his memory." - Marcel Proust, French novelist (1871-1922)

The new Marcelo Fernan bridge spanning Mandaue City and Mactan Island.

I am jealous of my friend Carlos for spending his next three months in Cebu, my "home" in the Visayas (1996-2000). I have been sending him SMS guides as to where to go, etc but Fugue Master that he is, he's even been to some places I've never been to like the runway of the Mactan International. Chatting with trainees under the night sky while aircraft land from overhead?! My cheeks redden with jealousy.

I am so tempted to visit Cebu again. The last time I was there was like two years ago when I accompanied my Aunt to a Rotary convention, and my friends there say that things continue to look up in that island paradise.

And wow, do I miss so many things!

I miss Aranos, my "secret" Spanish restaurant in Ferlane Village.

I miss the lobby of the Waterfront Hotel Lahug and its awesome paintings and excellent service.

I miss the beaches.

I miss the churches of Carcar and those of other towns further south.

I miss the real danggit. Manila's version is just so pathetic.

I miss my former girlfriend's Mother. She cooks sooo well and knows my favorites (chicharon Carcar and lechon Talisay).

I miss attending Mass at the Basilica Minore during Sundays. Nothing beats the sound of an all-male choir.

The Magellan Monument in Mactan Island. Nearby stand the huts of Cebu's famous SUTUKIL.

I miss Mactan's sutukil (sugba, tula, kilaw).

I miss Casa Gorordo.

I miss going out of my dormitory at midnight and eat at a University hang-out (spicy tuna and egg, please!)

I miss larsian. Nobody knows barbecue best than the Cebuanos.

I miss cappuccino at East, West. *smirk*

I miss the cool bars, the great nightlife, the art of showing off.

Sarcastic discussions with the girls in The Village.

Pizza at Il Sole.

Cakes at Oh Georg! And then there's another pastry shop whose name I can't recall right now.

Oh, yes. W.R.A.P.S., of course. I worked here for 5 months with dear friend Kuya Glen, then the owner.

I miss lazy afternoons in Cafe Laguna (rice cakes and hot chocolate!).

I miss travelling by ferry and fastcraft to neighboring Cagayan de Oro and Bohol.

I really miss the overnight trips to my other home, Cagayan de Oro. I miss my house there. I miss seeing Mom there and my cousins on a weekend.

I miss reading the Sunday edition of Sun.Star Cebu.

I miss seeing Cebu from the air. My heart breaks at the sight.

Mom said her happiest days were spent in Cebu when she was a student at CIT. I totally agree with her.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004


A dear friend from College and colleague in the medical profession was texting me this afternoon. Everything was doing okay until she sent me this message:

GP: "By the way, I think I might be suffering from breast CA. Remember I was operated on before for fibroadenoma? This time the mass is bigger and fixed. I could die young."

Me: "What?! But you are not sure yet! My Mom didn't have a familial history (Note: My Mom was diagnosed with CA in July) but how about you?"

GP: "Wala (None). Fibroadenoma lang sa Mom ko (My Mom only had fibroadenoma). Iba talaga consistency ngayon. (It has a different consistency now). I don't want to consult a surgeon because alam ko na gagawin sa akin (...I know what's going to be done to me)."

Me: "But GP, you still have to have it checked, you know. And please, please. Do not delay!"

Then later in the afternoon, a first cousin texted me from Dumaguete that his wife was recently diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythemasos (SLE) and that I must discuss the case with his Mom, to help them understand the process better and thus help them in their decisions.

Last week, dear friend J confided that his sister has Stage 4 Breast CA and is currently undergoing medication in Singapore.

I am so exhausted. I wish I could be there for everyone. I really want to but it is just not possible.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Fort Santiago's main entrance with the bas relief of Spanish patron Saint James (Santiago Matamoros) in wood

Paid the Walled City a quick visit yesterday to do business with BPI Muralla. Since I had to make the cab fly me from Las Pinas to Manila in an hour to catch the 3PM closing time(given Roxas Boulevard's monstrous traffic stops), I thought I needed a place to sit down and catch my breath.

There seems to be something new to see every time i visit this old place. This time, it's the burgeoning community of settlers lining the streets of Cabildo up to Calle Real. Signs of community activity are everywhere: sari sari stores selling cooked food, clothes hanging out to dry in gray decaying buildings, and tons of children on the streets!

Without the new street lamps (which are so out of sync with the poverty in this area), one actually has the feeling that you'd get mugged when you walk here at night.

The illustrious Ilustrado on Calle Real de Palacio

Nevertheless, I decided to meet up with very good friend Jerome of PBSP (yes, the same guy who glares at me all the time from his blogspot) and we chatted over mocha coffee and sugar doughnuts (which I declared to be far better than Gonuts Donuts) in Ilustrado. What capped that afternoon escape was the puto bumbong, truly worthy of an Oprah Moment (gasps, hands on mouth, like how my girlfriends do it) - dipped in melted butter, fresh grated coconut and muscovado, it was heaven on earth even if the San Agustin was just in the next street.

The negative points for Ilustrado were the ensaymadas. While the cheese and ham was good (even better then the pre-war Dizon's in Ermita), the ube version was an abomination - it was like biting into a chunk of pen ink smothered in cheese. Never again but at Ps 15 apiece, why am I complaining?!

T'was a good Monday afternoon. Looking forward to my next visit.