Tuesday, January 17, 2006


You may not be aware of it but we are commemorating this year the 50th anniversary of formal relations between Japan and the Philippines. Yes, we also did the same for China last year and like China, our relationship with Japan - albeit remembered best because of the war - goes a long, long way back.

Activities are being sponsored by the Japan Foundation. These include the Japanese Doll Exhibit, J Pop concert which will bring together some of the best Japanese and Filipino peformers and musicians, and the traditional twice-a-year Eiga Sai, the much-awaited film festival. Because of budgetary constraints (*gasp*), at least three of the films featured a year ago, including the crowd favorite WATERBOYS, will be returned to grace the screens of CCP, UP's Cine Adarna, and Shangri-la Mall's Cineplex.

The opening activity featuring drummers was held early last week although you can still catch the film festival because it runs until March in CCP. Check out the schedule here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I can truly say that 2005 was a breakthrough year for me. Aside from the fact that we got over several medical issues at home (one of which appears to be rearing its ugly head once more), it was also a good year to start a new business.

Despite having so much to do on weekdays, the events production company, VATEL Manila was finally started last summer. We've had 2 projects since we opened and only last week, 2006 opened with yet another project in Cavite - the first outside Vatel's homebase of Antipolo - a 50th wedding anniversary.

However, that latest engagement found me recuperating in bed for the last 3 days. Don't you just hate it when you have fatigue written all over your face? Even if I am now able to return to my duties, I still feel that tiredness deep inside, as if it has invaded every lacuna of my bones. My mitochondrias must be hard pressed lately to make up for the lack of rest and sleep. At least I got compensated for my efforts, even if I had to do it for a distant Aunt.

So what am I looking forward to this year? More projects, of course. Enough to allow me to save up for my Masters, my board exam review, and retire some loans. I also want to learn more on how to make an effective and efficient system of ordering flowers and not have to run out of them again on the very night I needed them. Dangwa can be a very mind-boggling place. It follows the rule of "When you need 'em, you can't find 'em." I hate having to look desperate at 2AM.

I still am facing a major concern at the moment, and I will talk to my Mom's surgeon this afternoon regarding this. I just hope this isn't what he thinks it is.

Photos courtesy of The Mango Farm

Monday, January 09, 2006


I almost always end up doing a little bit of arguing with people in restos, shops or fastfoods when it is obvious that a sane, sensible conversation is already out of the question. The first time I realized how evil I can be was when I was getting a Superferry ticket with my Mom for a leisurely summer trip to Cagayan de Oro when I was still in HS. I sort of berated the ticket counter girl for not knowing which classes were airconditioned. Mom castigated me in turn for being rude. Said something like I was acting like my Dad.

But when can one expect to hold on to one's sharp tongue? Not if a conversation goes like this:

Jollibee EGI Tower, 9PM, December of 2005

Me: "Miss, one order of 2-pieces Joy. Paki-upsize ng rootbeer to large, please."

Counter Girl: "Sir, wala pong rootbeer. Sarsi lang."

Me: "Miss, Sarsi IS rootbeer."

Girl: "Sir, hindi po. Sarsi po siya!"

Monterey Meat Shop, my village in Las PiƱas, December 31 2005

Me: "Hi. Meron po bang meatballs?"

Girl: "Wala na po, sir. Pero meron pong lumpiang shanghai."

Me: "Hindi naman lumpia ang kailangan ko, eh. Meatballs."

Girl: "Eh, sir, pareho lang naman po kasi yung halo ng meatballs at lumpiang shanghai, eh!"

Can you blame me for being so short tempered sometimes?

Happy New Year everyone!