Monday, January 09, 2006


I almost always end up doing a little bit of arguing with people in restos, shops or fastfoods when it is obvious that a sane, sensible conversation is already out of the question. The first time I realized how evil I can be was when I was getting a Superferry ticket with my Mom for a leisurely summer trip to Cagayan de Oro when I was still in HS. I sort of berated the ticket counter girl for not knowing which classes were airconditioned. Mom castigated me in turn for being rude. Said something like I was acting like my Dad.

But when can one expect to hold on to one's sharp tongue? Not if a conversation goes like this:

Jollibee EGI Tower, 9PM, December of 2005

Me: "Miss, one order of 2-pieces Joy. Paki-upsize ng rootbeer to large, please."

Counter Girl: "Sir, wala pong rootbeer. Sarsi lang."

Me: "Miss, Sarsi IS rootbeer."

Girl: "Sir, hindi po. Sarsi po siya!"

Monterey Meat Shop, my village in Las PiƱas, December 31 2005

Me: "Hi. Meron po bang meatballs?"

Girl: "Wala na po, sir. Pero meron pong lumpiang shanghai."

Me: "Hindi naman lumpia ang kailangan ko, eh. Meatballs."

Girl: "Eh, sir, pareho lang naman po kasi yung halo ng meatballs at lumpiang shanghai, eh!"

Can you blame me for being so short tempered sometimes?

Happy New Year everyone!


toyrant said...

Hi. I had the same experience re: Sarsi. The crew at McDonald's Zapote Drive Thru told me that they don't have rootbeer. Offered me Sarsi instead. I thought I should warn you hehe.


ha ha ha! Nakairita na nga, eh. I think Managers should inform their young crews!

Anonymous said...

Sali naman kayo guys sa pinoy frugal chowhound! :-)