Friday, November 21, 2008


How have you guys been? I haven't written anything of import lately, save perhaps for a short story I'm working on. Yes, I'm writing again! (Thank goodness.) Although a rather sad event jumpstarted this writing spree, it still matters to me that I'm doing it because the art of the short story had been very elusive for the longest time. At least to me. I am not one of those gifted with the skill to tell a story (which makes me a very bad liar) and most of the stories I have are all percolating in my mind. I must write them all down very soon before they turn stale. It does help that I'm surrounded by writers lately. I hope their talents rub off on me. :-)

So, how's life with you? I hope all is well. My new life here at the Farm is neither routine nor that exciting. It's a mix of really, really slow versus really, really stressful days. Yeah, too extreme for comfort. Oh, here's a photo of the freshly mowed avenue fronting the office. Don't you just lurve the smell of newly cut grass?

Oh, where will it end? Will it ever?

Up here, we have a love-hate relationship with the weather. In summer, we pray for rain. During rainy season when most of the weddings happen, we pray for sun. Tsk, tsk. The heavens must be so confused by now.

By late December or early January, spraying of the over 100 mango trees will commence. Flowers will start coming out by February and fruits form by March. Do visit us in April when we harvest!

The coconut trees are infested by some kind of bug which eats the leaves in a rather straight pattern. This is akin to obsessive-compulsive behaviour, methinks. WOW, O-C ang bug na ito!

When there's nothing else, there's always the wild kangkong. This grows all over the marsh area. Perfect when steamed and served with ginisang bagoong. Relish now, worry about the gouty arthritis later.

I rarely arrive at work two hours before the time but look at the benefits of doing so. A sun beam here...

a carpet of light here...

and a lovely shadowy number on the front door. *sigh*

Oh yes, even on my memorandum board. :-)
When I get tired of being in the office, all I need to do is open the door and see this...
and this...
and this. :-)
Meanwhile, thanks to friends who've taken the time to drop by, enjoy the WiFi and coffee and the 1G-worth of music I've collected for the soon-to-open coffee shop called Cafe Monogamy. That's Macel of Residencia Boracay with my dog, Turnip. The fat guy in green carrying him is a complete stranger. No idea what's he's doing in this photo or in my office. Shoo! Go away!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Because I've been so out of touch with the world, I just found out that Miriam Makeba passed away recently. She was 76. Two of her songs, African Sunset and Pata Pata, are part of my Manager's Choice album which I always play at work. Rest in peace, Mama Afrika! You are finally coming home.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Interesting insight by Ms. Jessica Z on the film SERBIS here screened during the recently concluded Dekada Cinemanila.

This, however, won't make me change what I've already written after I saw it.