Wednesday, November 29, 2006


One venue. Two women. 72 hours of keeping awake thinking and planning for their weddings. That was my life these past two weeks. This plus my regular job. Why am I killing myself for this? Because I would be sorry I didn't do enough when I know I can.

This is a reminder to people out there: Do not let your hobby take over your life. Just do it for fun. Be good at it. Earn from it, if need be, but don't let it kill you. For the meantime, I have a sleep session to catch.

More photos to be posted soon at Dylan's Vatel Manila.


Coming soon to terrorize you.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Some photos of home in Las PiƱas.


A Banana Yoshimoto provides the perfect resting place for my paper weight.


I have added Yellow Cab pizza to my Not-in-another-year Food List. Terribly oily and salty. It joins Cinnabon and all kinds of doughnuts. Oh, wait. Krispy Kreme opens on November 30. I am not excited but congratulations is in order to the Max's Chicken chain for winning the rights to open shop in the Philippines.


I've been having the longest non-sleeping days lately, the first time since medical school. Heavy workloads plus events I have to take care of. There's been evil talk going around that I've started to look like a panda bear because of the dark rings around my eyes. Maybe I should start nibbling on bamboo to complete the picture. I wonder if
Jher met some during his recent sojourn to Mongolia and China.

All my week days are full now. Work schedule has shifted back to graveyard for the next three weeks. As I write this, I am trying to imagine how the wedding I am designing for tomorrow is going to look like. After that, another one on December 8 and 19 ( I think).

Last night, I saw Casino Royale with BC. C.R., Ian Fleming's first novel on 007 written in 1953, comes alive once more in the person of Daniel Craig (Mom thinks he isn't Bond material because he looks German) and boy, oh boy! This film was breathtaking - the chases and stunts were truly awesome! It helps, of course, that camera work was just as good. I have trouble dealing with the banter between Craig and the beautiful Eva Green, however. It sounds very, how does one say it? Tortured. It was like a mere mouthing of lines and sadly, they can be funny if delivered well. Bond here, of course, hasn't yet acquired the savvy and finesse his subsequent characters will personify. I miss the Eva Green of The Dreamers (2003; she played the role of Isabelle).

For those who haven't read the book (like me), now I know the reason behind his mistrust for women. Craig's Bond is very human - he is able to make mistakes (and admit to them!), get hurt, sport scratches on his face, get dirtied and bloodied. I can't wait for the next film, if there will be one.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Bulad is Visayan for dried fish. It comes from the word, uhm, "bulad" or "ibulad" which means to dry in the sun. In Tagalog, it is called tuyo from the the word, uhm, "tuyo" which simply means dry. See the difference in context? :-)


Napoleones. Delightful flaky pastry. Perfect with tea.

Pavlova. To kill or to die for?

I went all the day to Bacolod to eat a burger? Bob's Giant Cheeseburger (Php 80)

Ropa vieja. Shredded beef on moist rice (Php 120)

Thursday, November 02, 2006


This is my only 3rd time to visit Tagaytay. Yeah, in 31 years.

At Sanctuario. The de regiuer shot.
Seared salmon and greens.
Tomatoes sun-ripened to perfection.
Tawilis. Said to be found only in the lake surrounding Taal Volcano.

Special thanks to the Borjas, most especially to Ate Gigi and Stephen for the tour of this beautiful city! May God bless you and your family.