Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Napoleones. Delightful flaky pastry. Perfect with tea.

Pavlova. To kill or to die for?

I went all the day to Bacolod to eat a burger? Bob's Giant Cheeseburger (Php 80)

Ropa vieja. Shredded beef on moist rice (Php 120)


marichu77 said...

my mom's from bacolod and when i do get to visit, which is not that often, i make sure to stop by Bob's. it's like a landmark over there, a place you have to go to. That and Bacolod Chicken House...ooh and Calea. ok, i better stop. my mouth's watering again.

Jules said...

hi! thanks again for a wonderful bacolod feature.... hmmmm... almost lahat sa bacolod ay food!!!

actually, im right in bacolod writing this.... so far went to el ideal in silay and discovered the best dulce gatas, went to calea and tried their oreo cheesecake (sooo rich), went to roli's near lasalle to get a box of napoleones (p120) and ate at mamma maria's pizza (30 inches for P500) which yellow cab can never beat in terms of price... mamma maria has a branch na in manila... i'll let you know where, i'll just have to find the brochure.

anyway, more visayas posts!

p.s. we just arrived from a vacation in siquijor... you HAVE to go there and stay in Kiwi resort where accomodations are like P200 a night for a beach that's full of sea grass, corals, brittle stars, starfishes, sea cucumbers, urchins, fishes and sand that's akin to boracay's

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

wow! tsalap, tsalap! i'm gonna go to bob's when i go to bacolod. i hope you went to calea's and tried their ice cream cakes.

Anonymous said...

my favorite restaurant in Bacolod. tambayan namin ng tita ko every sunday lunch...hay nakakamiss naman. sana makauwi ako soon.

zha said...

i definitely agree! whenver im in bacolod i make sure that i stop by Bob's to taste their pastries! one of my favorites is their chocolate crinkles.. it's the best choco crinkle ive ever tasted.. hay... calea offers the best imported chocolate cake... cant wait to get back to bacolod..