Wednesday, November 29, 2006


One venue. Two women. 72 hours of keeping awake thinking and planning for their weddings. That was my life these past two weeks. This plus my regular job. Why am I killing myself for this? Because I would be sorry I didn't do enough when I know I can.

This is a reminder to people out there: Do not let your hobby take over your life. Just do it for fun. Be good at it. Earn from it, if need be, but don't let it kill you. For the meantime, I have a sleep session to catch.

More photos to be posted soon at Dylan's Vatel Manila.

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Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

but sweetheart, it looks like your hobby is the thing that you love doing and not that thing you do for 8 hours. follow your passion. at least if you kill yourself, you die doing what you love to do.

i love your room! you have the large letters ha? very contemporary ang design. pero di ba asian ang room mo? di ka nakinig sa kin. sana you took off from the movie reel as an inspiration for your room. i have to see it muna.

sya. meme ka muna.