Monday, December 04, 2006


My day started at 7AM yesterday. Went to the office to meet the rest of the storytellers group and we left for Don Bosco Makati by 11.30. We were met by a deluge of children and adults. It was only in DBM did we find out that it was the Archdiocese of Manila, through CARITAS, who was sponsoring the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Day.

We managed to find our group and the gang did their thing despite the noise coming from the main stage (there were satellite sites for other events like storytelling, free hair cuts, coloring, etc). Anyway, the children were mostly deaf or with Down Syndrome. There were caregivers and guides and interpreters to help the team translate the stories to the kids.

I must admit it was a shock to see so many kids with disabilities, some of which were obviously very preventable. Neural tube defects can be prevented with folic acid during pregnancy yet we still see so many cases of cleft palates, harelips, hydrocephalus, etc. A case of miseducation. Or a lack of it.

Children with disabilities require twice the attention (and the patience) given normal children so I wonder how parents, already saddled with work, keep their sanity intact.

I left for Intramuros to catch the 27th Annual Grand Marian Procession of the Confradia de la Immaculada Concepcion. It was a grand sight but a bit misplaced. The objectives, I mean. It wasn't a procession for the faithful. It was a parade of beauties! What the hermano and hermana lacked were score cards and the picture would have been completed.

The hierarchy should look into refocusing the objectives of this exercise. Besides, I wonder if the Virgin - poor and humble from birth to death - would have enjoyed being fitted with such gems and brocade.

Soaked from the heat and the thick throng of onlookers, I left Intramuros for Malate to have dinner with the Borjas and attend the 8PM Mass. Then went to work.

This morning, there was this wonderful sunrise (see topmost photo) that I couldn't resist taking a photo of. I hope this is a sign that the week will turn out smoothly. I wish the same for you, readers.


Photos of the Grand Marian Processions will be posted in SUPERPASYAL soon.


undiscussablerealms said...

love the story and the photo.

some pregnant women stop taking folic acid after just a few days because they get terribly constipated. they probably don't understand fully the repercussion.

it's tragic some are ignorant that spina bifida and other disabilities can be prevented by taking it.

i wonder if women of childbearing age get the MMR vaccine here.

Being Jerome Daclison said...



I think MMR is given to children only in the Philippines. One thing I\'m worried about is the lack of education on Newborn Screening!