Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was only a fan of Groban because of the 1st album although he does have notable tracks in his second. I only listened to this album once so far (and while I was trying to catch some shut-eye) so I am not the best person to say whether it is good or not. Let's just say that when I woke up, the shuffle was already playing the next CD.
American band Scissor Sisters was established in 2001 whose style, as Wickipedia would have it, "draws from disco, glam-rock/pop, and the gay club scene of New York." I'd spare you the details regarding how they got their name. This album marks their return to the scene and the track Everybody Wants to Same Thing was first peformed during Live 8. Elton John is also featured here as pianist and co-writers of I Don't Feel like Dancin', said to be the group's dream collaboration-come-true.
This is the one that's getting full attention in my player for the past 2 months (Thanks, J!). His version of Matt Monro's Walk Away was just the thing that made me fall for it. Of course I've forgotten all about this song and Matt Monro until I heard 18-years-old Peter Grant's version. I did play the original version on You Tube and it is just as haunting (click on the link I provided to play it). Grant's version is more powerful though because he has such a full voice (maybe the You Tube copy of Matt Monro's video was on mono or something. I do not have Monro albums unfortunately but I guess Mom does). Other notables in this album are Windmills of your Mind and Joanna, the opening track. This album is among the Top Ten in UK recently and will probably continue to mesmerize many as long as there are vintage fans and young people with old souls out there who seek 21st-century renditions of the standards. Honestly though, I hope the revival of standards by young singers stops with Grant. One more revival album and everyone would be up in arms already.

After bursting your eardrums with Mariah Carey's ubiquitous Merry Christmas album (thanks, BC!), here's the best thing to happen this Christmas - Chris Botti's DECEMBER. Botti, as always is full, demonstrative, almost sexy. I think he lends his vocals to some tracks but allow his horn to do the rest of talking as that's what he does best. Blowing his horn, I mean.

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