Friday, December 29, 2006


If you are able to read this entry, you are one of the few who still have access to the internet. As we write, two severed subterranean cables on the seabed near Taiwan Strait are being reconnected. For the meantime, we have to make do with slower internet connections.

Yahoo isn't doing well in this netcafe but is okay in the office. I think we are using a European link as almost anything that is US-based is just slow at the moment. What a global village we have truly become.

Things are very, very hectic at work lately. Suffice to say that our US offices have passed on to us work they wouldn't do over the holidays and we have sacrificed family time for a pathetic piece of ham and SM gift cheques. Wait, I should be thankful for all these. Not everyone gets the same priviledge. No, I ain't being sarcastic when I said that.

How was your Christmas? Please do tell me about it.

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