Thursday, November 02, 2006


This is my only 3rd time to visit Tagaytay. Yeah, in 31 years.

At Sanctuario. The de regiuer shot.
Seared salmon and greens.
Tomatoes sun-ripened to perfection.
Tawilis. Said to be found only in the lake surrounding Taal Volcano.

Special thanks to the Borjas, most especially to Ate Gigi and Stephen for the tour of this beautiful city! May God bless you and your family.

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Stephen said...

we had all these food items at SANCTUARIO. it is a nice, eclectic (in its interiors and in its menu) place near the tagaytay rotonda. it would also be good to try the GOOD SHEPHERD HALO-HALO in maryridge. aside from a beautiful retreat house, it also has this uniquely packaged halo-halo with their signature ube jam. this blogger even theorized that it was the fruit of a most blessed meditation by one of the sisters! how's that for advertising? make sure you have friends to eat it with, so you can have group sharing and processing of the experience as you enjoy this cold treat! (ayos be, dylan?)