Thursday, November 03, 2005


"Da mihi animas, cetera tolle!"

Was surfing yesterday when I came upon this photo.

Was totally speechless for a sec.

Don Bosco Pampanga was home to me from 1989 to 1991 before I left for Cagayan de Oro to join my Mom, who was then connected with Del Monte Philippines.

The structure straight ahead was then the largest gym in Central Luzon. The one on the left is the chapel where I was once a member of the choir under the direction of Fr. Bobby (?). Then there's the large soccer field where my cousin (then a student at Assumption University) would compete for the Coca-Cola Go for Gold championships.

All is now buried under tons of lahar since 1991.

It is said that to locate the same spot, one should look for the pine trees jutting out of the lahar soil. Pine trees were special to DBA because of its connection to the saint's family name or something. Sorry but it's been a looooog time ago! I used to be so good at this.


The Talking Mute said...

My cousins went to Don Bosco as well but I'm not sure which batch. My cousins' names are Eric and Dexter Maglalang. They also lived near the school, in Don Bosco Village. They are both married now with kids. Eric is working at IBM and Dexter is a physical therapist. I'm just wondering if you know them personally.

I remember passing by Don Bosco whenever my mom and I would visit them. This was before the lahar of course.

We also had a neighbour in Sucat, P'que who went there. His name is Kenneth Palacios. Do you know them by chance?

Citizen of the World said...

I've very poor with regard name recall. I, however, never forget a face!