Saturday, November 12, 2005


I almost cancelled an anonymous phone call yesterday afternoon thinking that Fitness First was pestering me again to sign up for a demo workout (just wait, okay?!). Anyway, I went against my own personal rules and picked it up. Turned out that it was Greenpeace Manila, congratulating me for making it to a shorlist from which a winner will be chosen next week to appear on MTV Pilipinas and join the crew of the Rainbow Warrior II on its next trip to Iloilo City. Yikes! And they leave at midnight midweek next!

I only have my very, very brief essay to thank for this. The topic was on why we need clean energy now. What luck, I thought, when I am about to take up my Public Health masters early next year because my specialty would be environmental health. The timing couldn't be any better. If I am not mistaken, the target sites in Iloilo would be coal-fueled power plants like that in Masinloc (see entry below). I am not sure if Mirant, DM Consunji, or Korea's KEPCO have actually pushed through with their plans down south because if they have, the Iloilo trip will be a memorable one (please don't let there be violence again!).

Anyway, if I don't make it to the top, there's always the option of having dinner with Amanda Griffin (Thanks, Grace!), MTV's face for the Greenpeace campaign, onboard the Rainbow Warrior II or win a nice Greenpeace tee shirt. If it were the latter, please make sure I don't get a pink one like Amanda's. It doesn't match my skin color.


Grace said...

bongga ka talaga dylan! congrats! but it's amanda griffin, not amanda page. tagal nang wala sa showbiz si amanda page.


Ay, ha ha ha! Kakahiya!