Saturday, October 22, 2005


The other day, I was trying to weigh my reasons for making a decision to take up Masters in Public Health. Today, I found my reasons strongly supported by what I read in the papers tonight:

"...the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that around one million people in the Western Pacific region die each year from environmental health risks and this number will increase if effective countermeasures are not implemented.

The WHO said 580,000 of these deaths are attributable to "traditional" risk factors such as indoor smoke from solid fuels; unsafe water; and inadequate sanitation and hygiene.

Modern risks are responsible for another 405,000 deaths, 96 percent of which occur in the region’s developing countries. The WHO said these modern risks include urban air pollution, exposure to lead and other pollutants, industrial accidents and effects of climate change.

WHO representative for the Western Pacific Dr. Shigeru Omi said WHO member countries need to strengthen human resources and institutional capacity for environmental health risk assessment and management.

He said this concern was raised during the 56th session of the WHO regional committee for the Western Pacific. The meeting, attended by 100 representatives from various countries, discussed future health directions in the region.

Though there are international agreements to reduce environmental health risks, the committee underscored the need to develop "more systematic approaches to assessing and reducing" these risks.

The members of the committee agreed that multi-country efforts are required to address the problem since water, air and coastal pollution are transnational concerns."

It's a go!


Redjeulle said...

ummm...that's our boss right there. :-) go for the master's degree, and don't look back. i took a breather from studying, now i'm dragging my feet going back. sigh.


Hey! Thanks for dropping by again :-)

You deleted your recent blog, by the way. Was already about to make a comment when I read the last line so I decided to just be happy for you but without writing it down, he he!

Redjeulle said...

ngyah, did I scare you? ni-rephrase ko na, hehehe. thanks pala for linking me.

MPH is only full time di ba? one of our officemates had to resign so she can pursue her degree.


I had the impression that it isn't. Hmmm, I may have to ask again. I can't do full time. The course, however, can be finished in 5 years but hell, who wants to have an MPH just for one's gravestone?!