Tuesday, October 18, 2005


"In other words, the water cannon cannot discriminate." (Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago)

Alright, so we almost died laughing with regard the use of the word "canonization" or "were canonized" to mean that several politicians - two Senators - and priests (Robert Reyes among them) were hosed down during the so-called Prayer Rally in Manila last week. If the Philippine Daily Inquirer's reputation still holds water these days, maybe we just found ourselves a new noun.

And indeed, with the videos and photos now doing the circuit in TV stations and weblogs, you can say that the people hosed down were "canonized" by their actions (though not necessarily by their persuasions). The soon-to-be-saints: the politicos. The common enemy: the Arroyo government. There must be a funny way fate plays with certain people. I mean, we do not even know what Jamby Madrigal had in mind when she joined this "prayer rally." The presence of one Father Robert Reyes does not a prayer rally make, either.

Maybe they really had it coming, given the fact that this group did stray from their original agenda and decided to march towards the Palace in a brave attempt to do a Chino Roces, whose name they always use to mean "bravery." The poor dead man must be creating so much kinetic energy by rolling in his grave whenever his name is used in vain.

Okay, so I'm starting to fill in the role of Advocatus Diaboli here, but i have to leave it to the media to play the exalted role of Postulator to prove once and for all if the "canonization plot" that happened in Recto that fateful day were all worth it.

For the meantime, Satur, Jamby and Teofisto can go huddle around a bonfire and nurse their wretched egos.

Photos courtesy of ABC5 and by Jove Francisco

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