Monday, October 17, 2005


What a long day. Too long, in fact, that I ended up stuffing my face with anything edible that can be found in our cafeteria.

First there was coffee prepared by yaya before I left the house, then a lite breakfast of toast and eggs Benedict (lite, huh?!), then a heavy lunch of nilagang baka.

When Myette, my coffee mate, invited me downstairs for, uh, coffee later in the afternoon, I ordered a bratwurst sandwich, huge enough to make one keel over. I normally turn down the offer of ketchup (it had to be Del Monte kasi, for reasons known only to me and my mother), and had the guy slather mayo and mustard on my sandwich instead. Sinful merienda ito but it was well worth it.

2 hours later, I was again making kurot on a ham-and-cheese sandwich while poring over several patient histories. So why am I still wondering why people are protesting the breaching of my upper-limit weight of 175lbs a month ago?

Sigh. Long day, long day, long day.

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