Monday, October 18, 2004


A gleaming Airbus A330 in Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport

I've always wanted to be a flight attendant. Yeah, no kidding. I'm very qualified on all counts except two: i can't swim that well, and i have bad eyesight.

But hey, I can identify an aircraft while it is on approach.

I can tell how many seats this particular flight has, and what all those international codes (i.e. PR, CX, TG) mean.

I know the names of the world's major airports.

I am tall enough to help put passengers' luggage at the overhead storage bins.

I know what to do with that emergency window you are so scared to be assigned a seat to.

I can say the usual lines, "Coffee, tea or me?", even in my sleep.

I know that you have to draw the curtains separating the Business Class from the Y Class when serving meals, so the people in the Y Class won't feel bad they're being served fast food.

I won't do the same mistake an FA friend did: throw a bun at a passenger for putting on his mobile phone in midair. I'd probably just detain him in the lavatory for the rest of the flight. Or deny him his food tray.

I wouldn't be rude to rude passengers because as they say, customer is King. There are ways, however, to get back at them like spilling coffee on their laps and blaming it on turbulence *apologetic grin* Come to think of it, nobody serves coffee during a turbulence, but heck!


If I ever did become an FA, would you fly with me?

Thank you for making Philippine Airlines a part of your day!

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Anonymous said...

I once read in an ad…

“As a Flight Attendant, you will have a fun and exciting career that other people envy-getting paid to travel”

Back in my Little Ms. Philippines days, most kids would proudly say…When I grow up, I want to be a flight stewardess! Most of my friends tried applying in every airline they know, and they always have this side comment “Beauty Queen yata hanap ng Airline nayan hindi FA!” (he he he call that sourgraping, living in a country were the standard for beauty is as high as an aircraft would go really sucks!). Thank heavens they are now full pledged FA and one of the benefits of having them as a friend is having a free flight…(got a freebee trip na from my friend, a FA of Cebu Pacific).

Honestly, I really think that you will make a very good doctor than a flight attendant. No offense meant but you have that doctor appeal to me 

…I wouldn’t mind flying…you serving me! (and oh, spare me that apologetic grin coz I am a very difficult passenger as you refer me as a difficult patient! Hehehe)