Friday, October 01, 2004


I don't know.

It must be the need to reach greater heights or what but given the multiplication of stairs in the capital city of Manila lately, one is forced to think that this could be the newest fad or something.

As if life in these parts isn't shit enough, people in high places suddenly had the brilliant idea of making it more difficult for people to go anywhere. Simple: make them climb more stairs. Because Filipino drivers (with the connivance of idiotic traffic enforcers) completely ignore pedestrians and pedestrian rights, the MMDA (the bastion of all good ideas) decided that in order to save lives, pedestrians are now made to climb at least two flights of stairs to get to what appears to be an overpass in hideous pink and blue, simply to cross to the other side. Now, as if we don't have enough stairs to reckon with.

The MRT along EDSA, Manila's major thoroughfare, has several stations that require the passenger to wear hiking boots, bring along a rope, and pray that you'd walk up more than 50 steps just to get to your train. Okay, so maybe i was exaggerating. Anybody who has used the pre-escalator Shaw Station will agree with me that between climbing up and simply taking the bus, i'd take the latter without even thinking twice. I mean, jesus! Ever heard of escalators before?! Talking about escalators, it is pretty common to see many around the capital lying idle.

Once, and this really made me want to fly out of here like a rocket, the escalators GOING UP to the Ayala Station were not functioning but those GOING DOWN were! Aaaaargggh!

Sometimes i want to strangle someone's neck for making life hellish for us.

Just one of these days. One of these days....

*cracks knuckles*

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