Friday, October 08, 2004


It's starting to become a habit, these earthquakes. Was at the water station when it happened and for a while i though i was just nauseous when a sudden movement almost made me topple over.

Fuck! ,I thought. Not another one! I mean, we just had a 6.3 last month, and this one is definitely stronger.

I stand corrected when i mentioned Mayon's activity last month as the reason for the movement. It actually was the Bataan Fault, and my friend who lives on the fourth floor of their house in Bataan, was said to have ran out of his room in his undies when it happened. Funny. Tonight's was caused by the Manila Trench, somewhere near Tagaytay, and is tectonic in origin. Magnitude of 6.2 and Intensity 4 was felt in Manila.

What's not funny tonight though is the realization i had immediately after today's 10.43PM quake:I actually am scared of earthquakes. I grew up learning to accept floods as part of life (I grew up in Pampanga) but NEVER earthquakes and fires.

Anybody out there who knows what to call the phobias I have? Leave me a comment.

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