Friday, October 08, 2004


You just have to give it to Dan Brown.

His research for The Da Vinci Code is just so astounding and dreadfully convincing that anybody who is weak of faith will find oneself never attending Mass again.

The Last Supper. Why does it have to have more meaning that we already know?

I have always enjoyed a good reading and although Brown is totally far from my last book by very young Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri, he sure made me sit next to an internet terminal so I can immediately check on things that he has mentioned in his book. The celice, for example. Or the Priory of Sion. Or the enigma that is the Opus Dei. Or the mystery that surrounded the Knight Templars.

The Madonna of the Rocks: Looking beyond the gestures could make you change the way you look at your faith. Or so Dan Brown claims.

So okay. The Holy Grail is no cup. The Holy Grail is a person and a woman at that, and she is no other than....wait, have you read the book yet? I'm not a killjoy. Go on, read the book.

What a coincidence really that I have always been fascinated with Leonardo da Vinci, and just two weeks ago, i chanced upon a sling bag that has his La Gioconda emblazoned on it. Nice, nice bag. Rare, rare novelty. I didn't expect to come across her again (Miss Mona Lisa, not the bag) in The Da Vinci Code.

The La Gioconde: Leonardo da Vinci in drag?

All in all, the book is recommended reading for those who are able to separate new ideas from institutionalized matters of faith. People may call me "un-enlightened" but heck, I know what I believe in and that's what matters most. Everything else is just fiction.

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