Monday, October 25, 2004


Stir-fried Yakisoba: the real thing!

I was with a friend one night, trying to figure out what food items we can make out of a 250-peso Gift Certificate in this Japanese fastfood chain in an old mall in Manila.

Oddly, it wasn't enough to get me an iced-tea. At least, one order of tuna misono, a mixed sushi tray, and a bowl of noodles after, it wasn't enough to get ME an iced tea. The heck.

Everything was fine until we got to eating the noodle. I suddenly had an apocalyptic experience, sort of a return-to-the-past thingy where i suddenly saw images of a classic film of a Filipino antagonist named Zuma (he was this bald man with two snakes coming out of his back).

I felt that the consistency of the noodles was like that of his snakes: rubbery. Or at least, that's what they felt like unless they were pretending they were noodles.

I suddenly took a pity on countless people who eat in this restaurant. They'd probably never get to experience what REAL yakisoba tastes like but at least they can be reminded of some childhood friend, er, fiend.

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