Thursday, July 19, 2007


I rarely delve into gossip but when I do, oh boy!

Anyway, I did mention the shoot I did for Vice Mayor Isko Moreno’s show in an earlier post, right? Right. The shoot took all of 25 hours to finish (one episode) because the stars (or whatever they’re called these days) took their sweet time in making sure there will be retakes. The camera crew just closed their eyes and heaved sighs of resignation.

I mean, what a waste of film! And we’re talking about High Definition cameras here. I was hardly star struck with two young artistas who came unprepared. One only had two sets of clothes! I gave the wardrobe coordinator one of my famous glares for this unforgivable oversight.

They only had two appearances and approximately 10 lines to memorize and yet it took more than 10 shoots (re-shoots) before they finally got them right. The director didn’t blow her top. She was very subtle in her show of disapproval, however, and vowed never to employ Startstruck people again. In silence, we all agreed with her. There are many other out-of-the-loop but far better actors who need work.

I had a brilliant idea a week after this shoot. I will write a script for the next episodes. I want to change Philippine television.


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