Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I envy my friend Cholo. I mean, he gets to do what he wants.

When do I get to do what I want? I digress.

Anyway, he’s a costume jewelry designer based in Angeles City and in between beading gowns or drinking beer with friends, he also writes.

All I’m able to write lately is wee bits of information on my travel blog, Superpasyal, and on marketing posters I make for my club at work. At least I am getting good at making marketing collaterals. I am my own Ogilvy.

Back to Cholo, he’s weaved an amusing story of four families (his blog title is Cuatros Familias) whose names start with honorifics worthy of Buckingham Palace. I can see some promise in his work because if ABS-CBN, that producer of the kitschiest of shows on earth, gets its hands on his material, he’d be filthy rich in no time. At the very least, he can finally open that dream atelier of his.

I salute you, Cholo. Keep on writing.

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