Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Got this from Ruby's blog.

What is the color of your phone? Blue and silver.
Who’s the first person who comes under the letter M? Mahros, a former Bayan Muna member and a former officemate at SPi; a very good friend.
Who’s the last person you called? Balance Inquiry. I hardly make calls.
Who was your last missed call from? Shaun Torres, who is in Manila for a working visit.
Who’s the 2nd person who comes up under D? Direk Pat Perez.
Who’s speed dial number 2? Reload. Ha ha!
Who’s the third person who comes up under J? Jerome Daclison, the other Jerome.
Who was your last received call? JP Canivel, my Workshop Manager.
Who’s speed dial number 3? Load Advisory. I just found out today.
What is your background? The default skin.
How many text messages do you have? 61, mostly notes I might find use for in the future.
What does the fifth message in your inbox say? It’s a line I sent to myself that read, “Ingatan ang kinabukasan / Na ngayo’y tangan tanga mo.” Don’t ask me what it’s about.
Who’s the first person under B? Balance Inquiry. Is it becoming obvious that I have a fear of running out of text credits?
Who was your last text message from? Myself. It’s a line I intend to use in an article (“I hope the interest of cinema in the plight of the poor is sincere; otherwise, it would be an exercise in futility.”) Shet, ang profound.
Name every person you have text messages from. Myself, Cholo, Mike, Ed, BT, JP, Ate Jopie, Mahros, Sam,Teng.
Who’s the ninth person on your missed call list? Mike of The Mango Farm.
What does the sixth message in your Sent Folder say? It got erased. Tsuri.
Who’s the first name in your phonebook? Abe Baclig, a family friend from Bukidnon, my Mom’s foster Dad during her Del Monte days.
Who is the last name in your phonebook? Don’t laugh, but it’s the zip code of Las Piñas. I always forget it.
Do you have a camera phone? I used to. I gave it away to a taxi driver. Without my knowledge, of course, and not that was I was willing, no.
Who is the last friend under G? Ma’am Guilds, faculty member of Xavier University. One of Mom’s best friends.
What does the last text message in your inbox say? Numbers of the CBCP Commission on Youth.
Who is the second person under K?
Kate Cadalin, a friend from medical school.
What is your ringtone? Toreador.

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