Saturday, August 19, 2006


Honestly, I am so pissed lately because I lent my digital camera last week to an officemate so she can document an activity for Toastmasters. Aside from that, there were to be some other activities at the office that she had to take photos of kaya she had to borrow it a little while longer. Fine, kako, as long as you do not bring it home. Ako pa, super bait, so okay lang.

Come Monday, I got my camera back. And that's when it all started. My headache, that is.

The thing about lending out your stuff is that you have to take major risks. First, you must never expect things to come back to you. People, even your closest friends, can have blackholes for memories (not quite a rare occurence, I discovered). Second, if you're lucky to actually get back your stuff, never expect it to be just as good as the time you lent it.

My digital camera has a 1G memory card. That's large enough for, say, 800 photos if the camera is set at 5R-sized photos. Last Monday, the card has about 60 photos. It also has 1 unreadable file. Whatever that file is, it was huge enough to occupy the rest of the 1G so it caused the card to jam. I cannot erase, take, or move photos at all! I suddenly remembered what happened to my phone a few months back when I had to have it reformatted because I used up my memory space taking photos of certain design ideas I needed for a project. OMG, nooooo! This can't be happening.

It turned, she brought the camera home and her devil of a brother tinkered with it (this was the same brother who I helped before when he was hospitalized). I saw some of his shots - some crappy golden statue, hair on the bathroom sink, and some dusty exhaust fan. Aba, at na-inspire ko pa yata! My theory is the unkown file was a video because when my friend caught her bro, he was shirtless (the moment I figure out how to play that, I will post it on YouTube and sell it as The Cavite Scandal!!!). Okay lang sana kung walang ibang importanteng photos sa card, i can just have it reformatted. I have about 30 family affair photos, 20 experiemental close-up studies of a Chicoreus ramosus conch, some really nice shots of curios, some experimental studies of shadows, etcetera etcetera.

What to do, what to do, what to do...

You know, mabait talaga akong tao (ha! ha! Why do I sound like I'm convincing myself?). In fact, I didn't get mad with my friend at all. Feeling ko kasi, may magagawa pa ako. Proactive stance, ika nga. Today, Saturday, I found out na wala na talaga akong magagawang remedio pa. Hindi naman masyadong nakakairita, 'di po ba? And i have a workshop that's opening on the 26th and I can't seem to do it - erase everything from the memory card because I actually can still view my photos from my camera except that they won't open when I hook the cam via USB to the PC. Parang malaking tease - now you see us, now you don't.

Parang nightmare all over again. Dati, I lost (or gave away, as the case may be) 3/4ths of my Isabel Allende collection to another friend. I called it the Waiting-for-Godot moment.

Looks like 2nd Edition has arrived.


Redjeulle said...

you know what i would do if i were you? oh i think you know... :-)


I DO....OH, I DO! *laughs*

undiscussablerealms said...

sorry about your camera.

but i couldn't contain my laughter because of this..."My theory is the unkown file was a video because when my friend caught her bro, he was shirtless (the moment I figure out how to play that, I will post it on YouTube and sell it as The Cavite Scandal!!!)."

hilarious! grabe tawa ko.


Selina, ha ha! I still hacven't figured it out, grrrrr!