Saturday, August 19, 2006


Manila Bay (Manila, 2006)

A regular reader, a physician friend, who is in the US (particularly in Gothic Savannah, location of the 1997 film 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil'), has decided to skip reading my blog for now because I sounded like I had issues to settle first. In fact, I stopped blogging for a while and focused on shooting photos instead.

Lately, another friend, Joe, said that I hardly reveal anything about myself in my blog, that I "never indulge readers with the gory details" that will allow them to see how I really am. Just general ideas, a smattering of events every now and then, but that's it. I use to write a lot until when I found out my Mom has breast cancer, then lung cancer, then a whole life of chemotherapy ahead of her. Then the tone my entries changed from sunny to somber. I can't be blamed. In fact, i don't feel sorry for taking a break for a while.

My world, unfortunately, isn't as good as my photos (which aren't good enough to begin with). I take photos to amuse myself or to project a life of leisure, but that's hardly the case. I revel in the darkness of the city, in its secrets, in its unvisited and long-forgotten nooks and crannies (ayan, waxing poetic na!!!).

However, after a quick reflection, there are so many things to be thankful about. People - friends and family - are around us. Mom seems to be better, so much better in fact than last January. I cannot thank certain people enough for being there for us all these time.

I think it's time to go out for some sunshine again. Welcome me back, world!


BC said...

Welcome, beloved son of the Creator! You are loved, forever.

undiscussablerealms said...

welcome back! :)