Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It's been the longest week yet.

1.) I took my Civil Service Examinations last Sunday, July 30. I woke up really early so I won't get lost while looking for this obscure high school building. It turned out to be behind SM North's (or West, as most people know it) Annex building. I must admit it was embarrassing at first to let friends know because you only need to take the Exams when you didn't get any Latin honors in College (which, obviously, I didn't).

Pensive before the exam (kunwari hindi ako kinakabahan). Tapos hindi pa ako kasya sa upuan!

Second, it was honestly a difficult examination, which led me to think how the government bureacracy has found itself in the perpetual state of being overstaffed. My humble opinion on the matter is, and I know I am correct, most government workers are there because they've been hired by the current executives to bridge the gap in manpower, because they are relatives or friends, or both. Hopefully, when an official leaves the service, all the rest of his coterie goes with him.

At any rate, the CSE is a 170-item affair that you need to finish in 3 hours. 40 items are Math. I am saying this because I totally abhor anything that has to do with the subject. My dearest mother made me take Biology because it only had 3 Math subjects (Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics). Funny enough, when i was in medical school, we had to compute dosages, etc. In the CSE, I was happy to figure out most of the number sequencing items. The fractions and the algebra were, well, left to chance. It's been too long to remember anything.

What does this tell me? I don't have an analytical mind? It must be my current job (yeah, when all else fails, blame the process).

My salary loan from BDO was approved a week ago but the Admin assistant took her sweet time before informing me about it yesterday just when the HR Office was wondering why I wasn't claiming the cheque downstairs. It was 20K short of what I applied for but it's okay. The monthly automatic deduction was very affordable. Now I can start settling the mortgage on the CDO house, thank goodness.

3.) After many exasperating hours of slow internet connection, I was finally able to upload everything (photos) in my Manila blog. I will give it a rest for the meantime since readers are already complaining of how slow it has become due to the many photos uploaded.

4.) The Club Week in our office (yes, we do have that as part of our Work-Life Balance) finally ended with the Fun Debate 2 days before last weekend. I also learned that hosting is - and never will be - my cup of tea. I just hate speaking in front of a huge crowd (not the case in smaller group meetings). Maybe I should take a cue from the debate winners and join Toastmasters.

What else happened this week? Not much else. I just feel so exhausted, that's all.


Redjeulle said...

uy where have you been lately?

Jheck David said...

elo dylan! you've been tagged! hehehe... see my blog post! *wink wink*


Oh, no! Tagging galore na naman!

Redjeulle, magpasahan ba tayo ng utang? Spread the gravy around? ha ha ha! Ayun, busy bee kunwari. I'm posting more often sa kabila at G.G.G. Are you well already?