Monday, April 18, 2005


The waiting for the election of the new Pope begins 15 days after the death of another. The conclave, as it is called, is the process by which all cardinals of the Church enclose themselves in the Sistine Chapel to vote for the next successor of Peter. The elections that is beginning today will be to choose the 265th Pontiff.

This is the best time to be in Rome, with the thrill of waiting for the smoke signals to come out of the Chapel's smokestack: black for "No Pope Chosen" and white for "A new Pope is Chosen". The conclave is expected to open between April 17 to 22.

As we pray for the soul of Pope John Paul II, we likewise ask God to guide the Church Fathers in choosing a man who is attuned to the times, but warrior-like when it comes to the defense of Christ's teachings.

The waiting begins.

The Sistine Chapel

The astounding artwork of the Sistine: Michealangelo on the main altar and the ceiling, Raphel on the sides.

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