Wednesday, April 20, 2005


From DYLAN, local date with timezone (Feb 11, 2004 01:48 AM) for Ramir Alcantara (

Wednesday, February 11, 2004:

I always have this weird feeling that Ramir did a Doctor Faust not too long ago, and sold his soul to the Horned One (whose name is never to be mentioned). He continues to revile all things boring; upset people's feelings with witty remarks (which, incidentally, we all enjoy listening to); pull rugs and chairs from beneath friends by being overly hilarious and gay (double entendere there). The fact that Ramir used this photo with the dirty finger says so much about the man: UP YOURS attitude. No nonesense. What-i-want-i-get (though there have been some disappointments). Ramir Alcantara: Angst personified. His vast knowledge and charming persona, his greatest redeeming value. A treasure trove. A dear friend.

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From Ramir, local date with Timezone (Feb 11, 2004 02:50 AM) for Dylan Gozum (

Wednesday, February 11, 2004:

According to my projections, Dylan should be a famous writer by now. But, I guess he doesnt want to give the other authors a run for their money... yet. Dylan and I met in a competitive environment. So competitive that everybody was planning murderous plots to kill off everybody else (although of course they were gonna make it look like it was a suicide) or ruin their lives by spreading degrading rumors against them (this didn't work because Erap-mistress rumors were hilarious.) Nonetheless, everybody still has to go, except Dylan (I did try to trip him while we were going down the stairs, but I failed miserably. As I was rolling down the stairs, I thought "F*ck!".) Anyway, Dylan is simply amazing, he is always ready to give a helping hand, sometimes even more. His eternal craving for more knowledge is always apparent, but his patience to share his knowledge seems endless. I have always envied Dylan's charms and sarcasms, but no matter what he say or do, people just seem to love him. (Either they are too dumb to know that Dylan is actually insulting them and NOT complementing them, and/or they are under Dylan's spell.) Well, you might wonder who ended up winning in the "competitive environment" I was babbling about a while ago... well I don't know about Dylan, but I sure WON! (HA!) That's because, in the end, I had Dylan as my good friend.

NOTE: I dont write testimonials well, so dont make fun of me. If you think I did well, you are unbelievable.

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