Saturday, August 02, 2008


From the pre-colonial babaylans to the present-day career women, the Filipina has been highly regarded as leader, community organizer, setter of agenda, commander of the purse strings and source of caring and love. What beats at her very core, however, is creation – that primordial need to bring into the world forms that inspire and encourage.

WOMEN = CREATING shows us the faces – and facets – of women who have lived their dreams and impressed us with their greatness and innate humility. Our life stories are inevitably woven by the work of their hands - from the bewitching colored strings of the lumad loom, that memorable new novel, awe-inspiring pieces of art and that endearing television show we enjoy as friends or family. They write, sew, capture on film, carve & weave our history, capturing on their chosen medium all the travails and triumphs of our spirit as a people.

They may not be women of Tatarin or Darna proportions, but full of guts, grit and gumption nonetheless by setting out into the deep (Duc in altum!) in the name of creation and the practice of their craft.

Vivian N. Limpin - poet, photographer, graphic artist, writer, film director and painter - is honored to give tribute to some of our women-creators in this solo exhibit.

Women = Creating by Vivian N. Limpin
Conspiracy Garden Café
August 8, 2008 8PM

For details of the poetry competition by LIRA, click here.

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