Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am beginning to find my day offs tiresome instead of restful. I do not know why or what's wrong. I slip and out of sleep, thoughts run through my head as I lie in semidarkness. The wind hardly moves my curtains (which are thick and not exactly sun-friendly). I am like a mole during Mondays and Tuesdays. I forage through my near-empty fridge looking for something decent to eat. I find a half-empty bottle of cucumber pickles and as I bite into one, childhood memories rush into my head like a flood. And it's not making things better. I down Royal, iced tea, water and milk like they are all water. And it's not helping me. I want to unpack my stuff, throw many things away and tie them in black plastic bags. So far, only my mind is willing. Aaargggh. What's bothering me exactly?

This entry says it was made on Wednesday, but the truth is it is 3AM (Thursday) and I'm still in the office. The event has no plans of packing up. I actually dread the thought of going home.

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