Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today, I got my first real test as M for Operations. This morning, I received news (from two staff) that one of the staff "bribed" (operative word) the caterer with mangoes to be able to bring home food. 1st, the mangoes currently sprouting all over the farm now don't belong to the farm anymore. Pakyaw na lahat ito. 2nd, regardless of whether the Farm owns the fruits or not, that is still considered stealing. And it didn't seem to be the first time. When the mangoes are not out, I was told that he instead brings home plates, spoons and forks, and water goblets (five pieces during one event - or so that's what they told me) from the caterers (without their knowledge, presumably). Given that the staff wanted to open his own catering business, this is hardly the best way to do it. Later, more admissions came in about staff helping caterers during egress in exchange for food. No issue there. That's their prerogative. But mangoes in exchange for food now that we've reformed the farm kitchen? There is a deeper problem going on here.
I start my investigation next week. Oh, have I told you about our guard who we found later has an expired license (more than a year ago pa!) ? Egad. Pass me the Tylenol quick.

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dai said...

at least may challenge na sa work mo hehehe