Monday, March 03, 2008


I finally moved to Antipolo City yesterday. It was a looong two-hour drive from Las Piñas via Parañaque then on to Fort Bonifacio, C5, and Marcos Highway and finally to Sumulong Highway. Turnip, my dog, was obviously dizzy from his only second ride on a vehicle (his first, as BC kindly reminded me) was when I bought him in Baclaran and brought him home hidden inside my mailman's bag since they don't allow dogs (or any other animal for that matter) on board buses.

Aside from the 6-wheeler truck, my cousin also brought along his vehicle where we loaded all the glassware, frames, and anything breakable. You can't entrust fragile items to lipat bahay guys, trust me. They will simply rush through the whole affair without any care in the world.

Turnip slept soundly last night. Mas pagod pa yata siya sa akin, ha ha! The poor thing. I slept at 2AM looking for the box which holds the curtains because I can be seen pala by all the neighbors through the French windows (I am on the second floor) and this is hardly is my idea of showing off (there is a time and place for everything). Anyway, I also unloaded the glassware into the cupboards so I can collapse the boxes and create more space (there are 30 plus boxes). I also arranged all the music CDs and a box of DVDs (the rest will go to the farm) and some books. The rest of my books are still in my old office. Since I was already on the roll thanks to cola (the 1st thing in my fridge since I moved), I also unwrapped some framed photos of me and mom, and some black & white photos I took. Now the studio is starting to show some sign of decency. Now it looks like a human being actually lives here! Anyway, I made a rough estimation of how things look like at the moment. Oh, I didn't put the many boxes that remain unpacked. Now that I've seen it, it doesn't seem too cramped naman pala. I'm just worried about the bathroom's wooden door since it gets wet all the time and the plywood will rot soon enough.

Will upload actual photos soon. I am just relieved to be finally here.

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