Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm a HUGE fan of Manix Abrera, Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Philippines, member of the band Kiko Machine, and creater of the totally enjoyable comic strip of the same name which appears daily (?) on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Although I never went to UP (almost did), I connect to his characters - the ├╝ber cool, interminably ngarag, astig students of an imaginary campus (UP, most likely) who survive on a daily basis hounded by exams (think cramming), terror teachers, and the what-nots of student life. I miss going to school every time I read his strips and I regret not having enrolled in UP when I had the chance to. It would have been so much fun. For me, he is the new-generation equivalent to Pugad Baboy which was famous during my college days (along with Gaiman's SANDMAN). Anyway, three Kikomachine komix books are already out with the fourth consignment coming out mid-2008. Excitingerzee!

Kiko Machine Komix

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