Monday, November 05, 2007


An idea occured to me today while on my way home from a day of doing nothing lang naman but crisscross the whole of Metro Manila. Was lined up at the bank near my place at 9.30AM, was at the Civil Registrar's Office by 10.30, and then it rained. God. I had to be in Makati before 12NN pa naman sana.

Anyway, the heavens heard me and I was on my way to my Mom's former office pero barely made it there on time so had lunch at Greenbelt 1 and wait for 1PM.

I killed time by poring over design books at Powerbooks. I need some wild idea pronto for an exhibit I am designing. Needless to say (but I am still saying it), I just ended up salivating over the many books I cannot afford at the moment. Best of luck to the staff who'd be cleaning after me.

Went to Mom's former office, got the signature I needed, exchanged pleasantries with some people who pretend to miss her (why do i seem so Bitter Ocampo?) and then headed to Quiapo. I needed to get some capiz angels to ship to Bangkok. Uy, exporter na ba ako? Ha ha ha!

Anyhoo, after Quiapo (and boy, what a day it has been!), went to Raon to meet up with M.S. to pick up a CD and some further work so I can finish the teachers manual for that Grade III Science textbook that I worked on last year. I heard the textbook is now out. Wow, I can't wait to see my name on an actual textbook - a textbook that will be shaping the minds of Grade III students for at least 3 years (that's how long a textbook remains in private schools before it is updated)!

After Raon, got myself on a comfortable FX, paid for the entire front seat (so cheap) and headed for Alabang Town Center to deliver the angels. They will fly (how apt!) to Cebu tomorrow morning, and then on to Bangkok. Buti pa sila pupunta ng Bangkok. Hey! Capiz angels going to Bangkok - the City of Angels! Cute ng mga coincidences in this paragraph.

After ATC, had a quick dinner then went home to finish a letter, write a authorization letter for my lessee in Cagayan de Oro, and then catch my breathe at long last. My yaya says she is feeling so much better. She's had me on my toes for two weeks now. She's been very sick. Thank God for answered prayers.

Anyway, what was the idea that occurred to me? To sell my house in Cagayan de Oro, that's what. My friend there said that it might get a good assessment because it is well-maintained, is located in one of the city's oldest (and safest) subdivisions, the front door opens to the breeze that rolls down the Cugman hills, the phase II of the village is next to the scenic Macajalar Bay. You can see Camiguin Island from there on a clear day. The water flow in the village is strong and it never floods. There's a good carpark. Trash is collected regularly.

If a house with narra French-style windows, marble floors, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a unique floor plan (no cabinets in rooms), a nice front yard in a quiet setting appeals to you, let me know the soonest before I change my mind.

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