Friday, November 16, 2007


I have a million things to do these days and I have been slowly making progress in striking out entries in my To-Do list. These past few days, I have been working on claiming certain benefits from the SSS. The guy at the counter asked why I was filing the papers only now. How does one explain depression to these people?

Anyhoo, I have a wedding coming up this Saturday (oh, that's tomorrow already!). It will be a double-ceremony thing - one civil, one Muslim. Rather confusing but clients are clients. Never make it appear that you are complaining.

I have been running dry in the creativity department lately because of a mixture of unexplained emotional swings that are blocking my ability to focus on what I am doing. I am starting to hate myself very much. My friend said I must see a shrink. She doesn't know I have been having suicidal ideation but what the heck. I cannot go before my yaya does, 'no. She will be terribly devastated. Besides, nobody will be brave enough to take care of her. One Uncle suggested that I bring her to a home for the aged so I can leave the house any time I want. The nerve. He should be happy his kids didn't have the same ideas.

I am very relieved though that I have finally spoken to a lawyer. Doing so has confirmed everything that i already knew. One, that selling the house in CDO is more complicated than I originally thought it would be. Second, I really have to start talking to my Dad. The legal implications of the sale (inheritance issues, etc) are going to be messy if not handled correctly.

I am still torn between letting go of the CDO property. Aside from the fact that I love that house, I am also wondering if the city where it is located is the place to do business in the future. Besides, I really don't know if I should stay in Manila for long. I mean, any longer. But selling the house has its pluses: I can start life anew and will be totally debt free. God, please help me. Only You know the best things to do.

By December, I will be having 3 or 4 weddings to make. I wish to settle some debts by this time. I have miscalculated in some aspects (I always miscalculate) and I have to focus on making sure I do not default in my payments. Learn from mistakes, Dylan. Learn.

Oh, yes. Last Tuesday, I got a call from this event coordination team who I worked with in my event at the Peninsula Manila and they have asked for some sample designs for a potential 500-guest event at the Makati Shangri-la in February of 2008. Of course I was overjoyed and inis at the same time because they called me on Tuesday and the client presentation was on Wednesday morning. The girl said, "Pasensya na kasi marami akong labahan (laundry) to do lately kaya I forgot to inform you sooner." Kaloka. Of course I was only able to come up with crappy drawings that I wish I will never have to execute or else it'd be the end of me and V.M.

My work process usually finds me in Dangwa where I can see what kind of flowers are available for what season so I know what will work best pero who has time to do that in a moment's notice? I didn't even have time to confer with my florists. Can't blame her though. Now I have to rethink new designs pronto to present to her client before it's too late. Imagine, a 500-guest list! That would mean 42 to 50 tables if ever! Be still, my palpitating heart.

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