Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am not given to saying the title of this entry but today, I have to say it out loud. After days of trying to get the chance to file for an SSS benefit in their office in Alabang, all my efforts at waking up early to get a number (the numbers for Counter 7 run out by 7AM, if you must know), the strong rain this morning downed the PLDT lines in the area and SSS - the mighty insitution which just turned 50 years old last month - went OFFLINE for the day.


Yeah, I know it's not just me. I mean, there were other folks too who came from remote barrios and boondocks of Laguna but what are the chances, right? Anyway, I was so tired today. Had to go around the metro for many things and I ended up at the Manila City Hall for my grandfather's death certificate (I didn't know he died in Manila until today). The city hall is a chaotic place, but if you want to survive it, you have to keep on asking for directions and what to do next para 'di ka magmukhang tanga. One rule to keep in mind when in government offices: BAWAL ANG MAGTARAY. Talo ka when you are pikon. The system has been like that for decades and there's no point in trying to argue your case with the staff. Get your requirements ready and complete and prepare to wait for hours on end. Keep your cool. Your number will be called eventually.

The thing with waiting is that whether you like it or not, someone will almost always strike a conversation with you and tell you his/her life story. You can choose to ignore at your own risk or you can just nod your head and smile once in a while. At least this will keep you from losing your sanity altogether.

Oh, and another thing. NEVER ask information from the blasted security guards. They are moronic and must be ignored at all cost. Not that it's their fault though.

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