Saturday, May 26, 2007


Last night, time crawled. Literally. The evening seemed interminable and no matter how much I distracted myself it just seemed like I’m going to be stuck in the office so much longer. Every day is a pain now. I have to peel myself from bed just to make it to work on time.

Anyway, I wish to thank Just Jared for keeping me sane for the last 8 hours. Yeah, I do dig Hollywood gossip once in a while. It makes for entertaining reading, although it can become terribly boring after an hour or so. I really just have the attention span of a sperm lately.

It’s almost June and it’s time to shift to high gear for 4 weddings and a funeral – on the 9th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. And the 83rd NCAA on the 23rd. The latter will be my production-design career funeral if I don’t deliver on time.

Much has been said about my ability to worm myself out of a tight fix, but what I really hate is when others put me into one. Like the NCAA project – truly a shining example of others f***ing up and making others carry the brunt of feeling sorry for it. Sample 1: They want me to produce Crusader shields (for Letran) that turn 360 degrees at the arm rest – in two weeks. I mean, seriously! They should try doing it themselves. Last month, I turned down a project to do a product launch set at Crowne Plaza because I only had less than a week to think it up, and execute. That was even easier pero rotating shields? It’s crazy. Lesson 1: If you can’t do it, don’t take it.

Oh, and another headache from NCAA. They want the balloons to look like bombs so the show’s Director asked us to put paper tail fins on them. It wasn’t a demand or anything (“Dream lang naman, baka sakali,” he says but with a look that means “Kung ‘di niyo magagawa, I’d be so disappointed”.) I wouldn’t have violently reacted if the balloons numbered less than 3,000 which currently it is. Production value-wise, I don’t think spectators would appreciate the difference, although yeah, the idea is great but just impossible. Let’s say taping fins / balloon will take 5 minutes, multiply that by 3,000 divided by 60 minutes = 250 hours! I will need 60 people or thereabouts to finish it in 4 hours. And they’re not even willing to pay for manpower, eek! I approached 3 balloon companies and nobody was willing to do it at the budget of Php 50,000 +++ kaya dream on, Direk.

While I am writing this, some guys in Paete Laguna are rushing to meet the deadline for deliverables. I added a few hundreds on top of our negotiated price for the trouble. Pa-consuelo kumbaga. You have to pay good money if you want it fast – and good (Wait, does this apply to ….?). After all, there’s no price tag for good reputation.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. For the meantime, I really REALLY just want to sleep.

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