Saturday, May 05, 2007


Yesterday, I was searching for the website of the World Wildlife Fund Philippines and it led me to an abandoned site that now features "kittens" in various states of undress. They too may need some sort of conservation effort soon.

Straight guy to gay guy on the latter’s problems: “God won’t shove things down your throat, you know. But then again you might just like that.”

I just found out that our IT firewalled so there’s no more chance for us to read the news. I think it’s a lifesaving measure.

Former President Ramos was questioned before on his decisions regarding the Smokey Mountain project and allegedly disadvantageous IPP contracts. He thought his problems would only last until Philippines 2000!!! (How does one read that again?).

A co-blogger is complaining of his ultra-slow internet connection at home. I imagine him to be caught in a world wide web.

My co-editor rushed through a dinner date to get to the office in time for graveyard shift. Now that’s what I call a quickie.

They say the world is an oyster. That explains why life is a lemon.

Happy weekend everyone!

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