Sunday, May 27, 2007


1.) Stick to your low-paying job simply because it’s near your house and you want to save on the fare;
2.) Live in a house whose rent you can’t really afford in the medium-term;
3.) Maintain utilities, i.e. cable TV, landline phone which you hardly use but keep anyway;
4.) Make bad business decisions and try to make lame excuses just to save face;
5.) Spend beyond your means;
6.) Oversleep and keep missing out on deadlines;
7.) Get more work load than you can ever handle in a lifetime;
8.) Live with an asthmatic yaya and a dog who’s choosy with what he eats;
9.) Spend beyond your means (wait, I already said that);
10.) Overeat from the depression caused by Items 1-9.

It’s like a bad dream. Thank God I have savings kahit paano.

Thanks for the constant reality checks. You know who you are.

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