Monday, October 16, 2006


Guimaras Island, despite the recent assault on its maritime resources courtesy of one oil tanker and an indecisive captain (allegedly), remains idyllic, calm and beautiful. Though its terrain does not compare to my first love, Bukidnon, the fact that this is home to (allegedly, again) the world's sweetest mangoes is enough reason to see it.

The pump boat trip from Iloilo was a cool 15 minutes (the fare was something like Php 18 per person? I forgot na) and despite the crest-to-crest sailing (those weak of heart can conveniently faint), the beauty of the island looming on the horizon simply takes the breath away.

I am happy for the rare chance to visit it.

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stephen said...

its P11, dylan. the boat ride from ortiz/parola of iloilo city to the jordan wharf of guimaras is P11 only.

let's explore more of the island the next time you go there. :)