Sunday, October 15, 2006


The plaza fronting the church of Molo.

Was already on the way to Iloilo airport when we decided to drop by one more Iloilo treasure - the Molo Church. It is said that Jose Rizal passed by this church on his way to Dapitan where he was exiled. The church was closed for repairs and cleaning when I dropped by but I forced entry through a side door and ignored workers as I took photos. Amazing interiors, this church. The woodwork is very heavy and extensive and the retablos are the biggest i've ever seen. I hope to see more of it if and when I get to visit this place again.

Facade. Completed in the 1800's, this neo-Gothic church made of coral rock is dedicated to St. Anne, mother of Mary. The nave has 9 female saints on each side and is known far and wide as a church for women. The Jaro Cathedral, on the other hand, has male saints.

The nave with the 18 female saints. Sorry for the spotty photo. My lens need cleaning.

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Gabz said...

It was a great experience dropping by our hometown church, wasn't it?