Thursday, June 05, 2008


What is a life? A frenzy. What is life?
A shadow, an illusion, and a sham.
The greatest good is small; all life, it seems
Is just a dream, and even dreams are dreams.

- LIFE IS A DREAM (Calderon de la Barca)*

I was pleasantly pleased with this Google header. They do this every so often to commemorate something (yesterday, it was about the first air balloon flight). My favorite is their Christmas series in which they add something every day until the tableau is completed on Christmas Day. I first encountered Diego Velasquez as a child while reading back issues of Reader's Digest which we had hundreds of. I have two prints of his work - Las Meninas (see below) and Vieja Friendo Huevos (An Old Woman Frying Eggs) - awaiting framing.

Las Meninas (roughly, The Ladies-in-Wating); 1656

Pablo Picasso's Las Meninas (1958); as his own tribute to Velasquez

* Did you know that the plaza fronting the Binondo Church is called Plaza Calderon de la Barca? It was first called Plaza de Binondo, then Plaza Carlos IV (whose statue stands infront of the Manila Cathedral) and was finally named after the Spanish poet. Is now known as Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz. (Special thanks to Traveler on Foot for this information.)

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