Saturday, May 31, 2008


Since I am in charge of the monthly menu and the happy task of doing the marketing for the farm, I thought I found the prices of vegetables terribly expensive this morning. Last weekend, I was in Robinson's Supermarket and vowed never to buy veggies there. I mean, seriously - a bunch of local pechay for Php 11? A piece of ampalaya for Php 30? I have always enjoyed going to the market and that's what I do all the time, except for this particular visit. This morning at the Masinag Wet Market, turned out that a bunch of pechay is Php 10 already (Php 5 only a few months ago). The cheapest rice in my area sells for Php 31 and the most expensive is Php 45 (Jasmine), but in Mindanao where food is known to rot in markets because of overabundance, why did this happen? Something is terribly wrong down South.

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Jerome aka Bridget said...

i'm back blogging, d!!!! and jher and i moved in together! visit our new home:

dam-dam said...

sabi ng nanay ko, umabot na raw sa P50 ang kilo ng commercial rice sa davao. P48 yung nfa. weird. kasi kahit magtamin ka lang ng kung anu-anong halaman sa bakuran mo dun, di ka magugutom.