Friday, May 23, 2008


Saw the following films most recently.

Very good, but not very exciting. Emotionally confusing. Characters don't know what they really want in life, everybody except perhaps for the prostitute (Here's a snippet. Prostitute: "Humans. Chat, chat, chat, chat, chat. We talk. Why?" Will (Jude Law): "I don't know." Prostitute: "Animals don't talk. It's because they don't lie.") Awww...

Say, isn't that boy Rafi Gavron from the ROME series? How he's grown! Juliette Binoche is amazing as ever. Hope she never grows old and die. We'd be poorer for it.
Something I'm practising at the moment. It does work if you focus hard enough & thank more often.
Nicole and Daniel are working together more and more, aren't they? The Invasion has a very simple plot: a re-entering space shuttle disintegrates in mid-air unknowingly spilling onto the residents of the city a living thing that makes people look like they all had botox injections and become peace loving all of a sudden (the 'virus' caused the end of war, famine, and disease around the world, what do you know?!). I would want that virus except that I still want to be able to smile or laugh when I need to.

The Golden Compass doesn't deserve the hype it received during its regular showing. It's fun, it's boring, it's fun, it's boring, it's fun, it's boring, it's fun, it's boring. Next book please.

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