Friday, June 13, 2008

JUNE 13, 1976

My dear son,

We’re together once more here in Davao. We arrived yesterday at some minutes past noon. You cried a lot. You could not sleep because I’m sure you missed your “duyan”. You got used to this cradle while with Lola. You were terrible on the plane and at the airport, although you slept in the taxi. Here at home you started crying terribly again because you could not sleep! Now you are sleeping again because I made you your kind of cradle. You certainly have a very bad sleeping habit. You toss and roll in your cradle, so it’s dangerous not to watch you.

You always smile so sweetly that it makes people “melt”, but they don’t know that you scratch your face and pull your hair when you can’t get something you want, which, of course, is unbecoming of a sweet-looking baby like you! You’re only 3 days less than 8 mounts old. Some say you’re big for your age, bit I think you’re just okay. Your lola and your great grandfather didn’t want me to take you back here.

You’ve always been a happy child. Let’s pray it will be that way always because that is all that will matter. I am happy, too.

- Mommy

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