Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have been busy packing stuff lately for my eventual move to Antipolo. It's becoming a pain as the day goes by because aside from the fact that I am not really getting the help I need (just the sight of a wall-full of DVDs is daunting enough), I have to quite literally pick up the pieces of a tragic 2007. The clothes of my late mother and yaya have been picked up yesterday by aunts from Laguna for distribution (to whom I have no idea). I have started to throw away things I know I won't need anyway, and hopefully sell some stuff that are still in excellent condition. I really just want to bring as few items as possible. In fact I have no plans of unpacking once I get to my new place. Everything will remain in their boxes until I have purchased a place I can call my own. Antipolo seems like a nice place to live in, although my heart is really in Manila.

I have been talking to my dog (you know, owner-pet relationship) and telling him of the huge space he'd be running around in once I start working at the farm. That'd be 2.5 hectares of unexplored territory for a dog whose life practically was the stairs and the dining room where he stays more often. He seems excited about the prospect. I hope he gets to mate soon because he's been having more hard-ons lately (it looks really gross). My aunts haven't been spared the embarrassment of being pumped during their vacation last week. Oh, well. Kahayupan talaga.

It's already the 21st and that's 8 days to go before my lease expires. I have practically vacated mom's room (the most difficult of all to work on) and my yaya's room is next. My song for the week is Elvis Costello's This House is Empty Now. How appropriate.

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