Friday, February 08, 2008


Yesterday, February 7, I finally found a new place to transfer to. It's just a studio space, something like twice my Mom's former room in Las PiƱas and a little smaller (methinks) than the space I have now - the attic - which I call my room. Those who have been to my room say how large it was. This is because of the high ceilings and the nice window facing the street. And yes, that small door that leads to a small veranda on the roof. Perfect for balmy nights, just sitting out there and watching the night sky.

The place I found is on the second floor of a large house in the same village where my new employer's office is located. What I liked about it is that it's just a spitting distance from the village gate, that it has a balcony overlooking the street (except that this balcony is also the alley leading to my neighboring studio unit where I was told a lady lives alone. (I haven't met her yet. I hope she is nice.), and that my windows are wooden and done in the French style, which kind of reminded me of our house in Cagayan de Oro.

The thing is, the bathroom cum toilet is just 1/4th of what I have at the moment. Shockingly cramped. The shower head - egad! - was placed right across the toilet seat (which means you can do two things at the same time). And the tiles are dark green so it's dark (obviously), which will definitely kill my habit of reading in the bathroom (and brainstorming, too).

Well, the space definitely calls for a Queer-Eye-for-A-Straight-Guy moment. I wish that the owners (the mother, who I got to chat with on the phone this morning, sounded really nice; one can't really say the same for their daughters!) will allow me to repaint the room as it is done in green and white at the moment. I doubt that they will allow that as green appears to be the color of choice for this room (remember the bathroom tiles?) but the entire house is in white and blue. Surreal.

All my exposure to home decoration (thanks to Real Living and Metro Homes) will surely be tested. I just remembered that I didn't see a cabinet for clothes. My new employer have already offered the services of the carpenter. Goodie.

My real problem now is how to cram a three-story house worth of stuff into a studio room? May God and the universe help me.

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Anonymous said...

They won't fit. Do a garage sale or put some stuff in storage at the Farm.