Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Finally had the chance to work at my new desk at the farm today, February 13. I finished several forms, i.e. forms for the staff's personal information (which we have none of), incident / complaint forms, and even monitor sheets for lavatory maintenance. I am so intellectually stimulated right now (oh, yeah! Bring it on!) that I have decided to start working on the job descriptions for the issuance of contracts for the non-permanent staff.

Anyway, I have posted some photos of my work station. The farm just got me a 19" flat screen LCD Samsung monitor (very fitting for a size queen - kidding!) and approproated this circa 1911 Chinese elm wood desk shipped from Hong Kong in 2004 for my use. Very nice. I have to be careful about having moisture or water destroying the surface.
The new desk lamp is nice. We got it from Blims on a sale. It's got this retro feel about it that I like very much. I only want warm yellow light when I work.

The vase is made of multi-colored rubber pads that I got many, many years ago during a export overrun sale in Malate. The brass incense stand is a nice little piece I got long before Nayong Pilipino closed. It's got two dragon heads for handles. I saw some of this being sold in this antique shop in Megamall and they were going for Php 2,000 each! Ugh. Maybe I got mine for a steal back then (or maybe mine is a repro, but who gives a fig). The papyrus stalk I got from the swamp earlier this afternoon.

I wish I could keep my desk clear and clean all the time.

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